Jewelry Care Tips

Updated: Jan 7

Clean with water:

Get a bowl with warm water add some gentle liquid soap and with a soft rag clean your pieces. This works for Gold (gold plated), Sterling silver and stainless-steel jewelry. use soft rag to dry and shine.

Clean with toothpaste

You can also use good old toothpaste. A regular fluoride toothpaste will do. If the piece is very dirty or discolored you can use a soft toothbrush to gentles brush, rinse and then shine with a soft rag. If the piece is just a little dull you can use a soft rag with a pea size amount of toothpaste gently run, rinse, and then shine with a soft rag.

***Always avoid harsh chemicals and household cleaners. Do not spray perfumes, body splash or any other alcohol-based product on your jewelry. ***

Keep jewelry in a cool dry place in individual pouches or boxes.

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